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small projects

  • photography sites
  • catering sites
  • portfolios
  • modelling sites
  • health sites
  • art display sites
  • news portal sites
  • tailor sites
  • laundry sites
  • makeup sites
  • property sites
  • architectural sites
  • church sites
  • pay per click (AD) sites
  • baking sites
  • food ordering sites

medium projects

  • investment sites
  • music sites
  • e-book sites
  • cryptocurrency sites
  • travel sites
  • blogging sites
  • banking sites
  • hotel booking sites
  • freelance sites
  • taxi booking sites
  • company sites
  • e-school sites
  • online shopping sites

large projects

  • movie sites
  • courier sites
  • dating sites
  • school & portal sites

work process


choosing a plan

Choose a plan that fits the type of website you desire. Browse through the list carefully and if your desired type isn't mentioned, contact the admin here. (click this link)


contacting the admin

Shoot us an email, state the type of website you desire and we'll tell what plan it falls under. You will be replied as soon as possible, rest assured (1-2 working days).


private messaging

The admin will message you privately in order to get more information and also to keep in touch. Feel free to relay your reviews, wants & complaints for a better experience.